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    Deep night regeneration with rejuvenating and soothing effects for sensitive skin. Scientifically developed Sensi Magnolol-H* complex soothes the micro-inflammatory processes of mature skin, reducing its hypersensitivity. In synergy with collagen heptapeptide, it stimulates multi-level renewal, reducing wrinkles and counteracting their formation. A specially selected compilation of four bio-compatible skin ceramides creates an effective protective layer, protecting demanding skin from the irritating effects of external factors. Natural oils, rich in vitamins and omega acids, intensively nourish and provide comfortable care. Recommended for night care of all skin types, especially sensitive skin.  
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    Hug your feet with a comfortable care and soothing refresh! A natural moisturizing complex instantly restores softness and velvet smoothness of skin. Extract of dragon fruit combined with vitamin E rebuilds skin, restores moisture levels and protects skin against cracking and keratinization. Oceanic Coralline algae, thanks to a high dose of vitamins and marine minerals, will deeply nourish and regenerate your skin. Light formula, its azure colour and fresh water and floral scent will make you feel well-rested and relaxed just like on the Maldives. Apply a small amount of cream to clean and dry feet. Massage gently until absorbed.
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    With a light, velvety texture and a formula based on 97% naturally derived ingredients, the cream instantly envelops sensitive skin with a pleasant feeling of hydration and soothing. Bio-structured Sensi Magnolol-H complex with powerful antioxidant properties calms down the skin's tendency to irritation and restores hydro-lipid balance. Organic Centella Asiatica extract strengthens the skin's resistance to the negative effects of UV radiation and other external factors, counteracting premature aging processes. The complexion regains comfort and a healthy, radiant appearance. Recommended for day and night care of all skin types, especially sensitive skin.  
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    Dr Irena Eris Enzyme Peeling (75mL)
    Dr Irena Eris Enzyme Peeling (75mL)
    €14.52 €18.15
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    Experience this Tahitian purifying ritual and feel the sensual softness on your skin! Subtle exfoliating crystals immersed in golden illuminating particles will gently remove dead skin cells, leaving the skin silky soft and full of sunny glow. Precious orchid extract and revitalising shea butter will intensely nourish your body, giving it elasticity and smoothness you can really feel. Natural betaine, with its osmotic properties, will restore optimum moisture levels to the skin. Stimulate all your senses by combining the application of the scrub with a relaxing body massage, and your home ritual will turn into an extraordinary, sensual experience. Apply a small amount of the scrub to wet skin. Massage for a while. Rinse with warm water.
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    Enjoy the sun and take care of a healthy and radiant tan! This extremely light and velvety tanning oil combines the power of broadband filters and natural photoprotective oils to effectively protect the skin against the negative effects of UVA/UVB radiation. The extract of the Brazilian Picão Preto plant will guarantee even coloration and perfect skin smoothing. Buriti and Babassu oils will saturate your skin with a dose of vitamins and long-lasting hydration, and the sunny scent of tropical fruit will take you to the dancing beaches of Rio de Janeiro. Apply the oil evenly on the skin – preferably approx. 20 minutes before sun exposure. Reapply after bathing, drying the skin with a towel or exercising. You can use the oil on both dry and wet skin.
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    A concentrated serum that effectively smooths and reduces skin redness. The combination of Sensi Magnolol-H complex and heptapeptide inhibits the skin's tendency to hypersensitivity, reduces wrinkles and multilevelly strengthens the skin. The power of natural probiotic and bio-ceramides restores skin homeostasis and increases its resistance to stressors. Apply to the cleansed face, neck and decolletage, avoiding the eye area. Recommended for everyday care alone or under a care cream. Apply the cream once the serum is absorbed (around 30-60 s).
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    Pamper the delicate skin of your bust and neckline with sunshine and the juicy scent of exotic fruit! The extract of the Brazilian guarana and green coffee seeds, thanks to its high caffeine content, will intensely firm and model your skin. The lifting complex, based on extracts from sea algae and acai fruit, will ensure proper tension, elasticity and a youthful appearance of the "topless zone". Natural oils and cocoa butter will make you feel pleasant relief and velvety softness, and the flickering particles will stimulate the rhythms of carefree joy. Apply a small amount of the balm on the skin of the bust and neckline, massage with light, circular movements.
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    Treat your skin to deep moisture, nourishment and velvet softness! Oceanic Coralline algae included in the cream is rich in vitamins and micro-elements that will restore your hydro-lipid balance for a visible improvement of skin's smoothness and elasticity. Valuable oils of Moringa and macadamia seeds will nourish your skin and give it a long-lasting protection against moisture loss. Mango extract in combination with vitamin PP (B3) will accelerate skin regeneration and give it a natural colour and beautiful glow. The azure colour of the cream and its water and floral scent will take you to remote parts of some tropical islands. Apply a small amount of cream to the cleaned skin of your body and massage until absorbed.
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    Feel Brazilian vibrations and emphasize the strengths of your body! The iridescent particles and the scent of exotic fruit will take you to the sunny areas of ocean beaches. The combined effect of guarana extracts and green coffee seeds will provide the skin with an energetic dose of caffeine and an intense firming and tightening effect. Rich in vitamins, minerals and polyphenols, the extract from the fruit of the tropical acai palm will nourish and regenerate the skin, restoring its beautiful and radiant appearance. The Brazilian murumuru butter will improve elasticity, moisturize the skin for a long time and cover your body with velvety softness. Apply a small amount of the balm on the cleansed skin of your body and let it absorb into the skin.
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    Immerse your body in a cleansing treatment and enjoy a perfectly smooth, revitalized skin! A combination of natural salt crystals and waxy exfoliating particles found in the peeling will effectively remove dead skin, toxins and other impurities, leaving your skin smooth and silky soft to the touch. Extract of the oceanic Coralline algae combining, the richness of marine minerals, amino acids and vitamins, will nourish your skin and stimulate it to a multi-level regeneration. Water and floral fragrance composition will fill you with a sense of lightness and freshness. Apply a small amount of peeling to wet skin. Massage skin for a bit. Rinse with warm water.
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